Devotions from Fil   Anderson’s book, Breaking the Rules

“God has broken into our brokenness to find us, yet there is no guarantee that God will paste our messy, fractured life back together in the way we want Him to. To the contrary, brokenness is the key that unlocks the life we long for.”

When we have cracks in our lives, it is the very way the light gets into our dark and messy lives. They are also the way the light shines out of us to other people. So whenever we cover the cracks of our lives, we cover up the light that shines through them. When grapes and grain are crushed there is wine and bread. In our lives if we are not broken, there will not be the deep communion with God. The life we desire and the future God wants us to have is most likely hidden in our biggest predicaments, our worst failures, and our dreadful disappointments.  Brokenness, more than any other force, has the power to mold our character into the unique shape that God wants for us.  Accepting the reality of our broken life is the beginning point in us becoming the person God created us to become. The Bible is full of stories of broken people and Jesus called His followers to come out of hiding and stop pretending.  Let us remember that it is in our brokenness that His power flows into us and transforms our lives.