Dear Ones.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend. We got a good rain last night. PTL!
You are getting this early as we will be leaving for Mora for a time of fellowship with friends who were former Board Members of Canaan’s Rest. Tomorrow we hope to see more friends from our previous church at the morning service where Al will be preaching. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
How wonderful we can call on the Lord any time, morning, noon and night. He responds when we call to Him and always listens to us. David wrote Psalm 55 when he was troubled and confused and betrayed by his best friend. He says in Psalm 55:1-2a (God’s Word) , “Open your ears to my prayer, O God. Do not hide from my plea for mercy. Pay attention to me, and answer me.” He goes on to say that will put his trust in the Lord who will listen and will save him and take care of him.
How about us when we are fearful and confused and troubled? Is that our first response to call on the Lord? His name is all powerful and He wants our trust that He will work things out for His glory. His answer is not always like we expect or exactly what we asked for but rather according to His wisdom.We have all most likely had times we have felt like the Lord wasn’t listening or maybe we are paying more attention to the voices around us rather than His.
 I read today about blind Bartimaeus who was a beggar and sat on the side of the road. When he heard Jesus was near he began to shout for Him to have mercy on him. Many tried to hush him up but he only yelled louder. Jesus stopped for He heard his cry and asked what he could do for him. Of course, he was quick to tell the Lord he wanted to see. Jesus told him that his faith had healed him and he immediately got his sight and accompanied Jesus. Bartimaeus could have given up when they first tried to silence him but he was not distracted or silenced. Neither should we be, no matter what others say. We can always come to the Lord with all that weighs on our hearts, and in faith, entrust everything to Him.
Right now my own prayer is for my cousin Susie who has Covid. I know God has the power to heal her and I pray for a miracle but I also know the answer belongs to Him. He will work all things out for His glory and honor and therefore, we trust.
Challenge for today: Give the Lord all your concerns and in faith wait for His answers and give thanks.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy