Devotions from Judy’s heart

I think everyone wants to know they are needed and when they get the message they are not, it is hurtful. One day I found a gal  weeping as she had been told that someone else was taking her place at the table where she was going to be taking money. It was a mistake since two were scheduled to do it for the same time slot so she was told she wasn’t needed. I think it struck a cord from her past as she took it so personally that no one needed her now. But that is a lie for we all have a contribution to make and the Body is not complete without our part in it. I thought of someone making stew and putting ingredients in the pot. Each herb and spice makes a difference in the flavor of the whole. If we neglect to put in certain ones it changes the aroma and flavor.  The end product is compromised. We may feel our part is small but withholding it robs the whole. One of Kurt’s friends who is a great chef, made us a dinner one night. He had lots of spices and herbs in it, and one spice was $13 an ounce. Now he didn’t need to use a lot of it, but did it make a difference?  Yes! Maybe we don’t think our part is as important as someone else’s but that is not ours to discern.  Let us use   what God has put within us to benefit the whole.