Dear Ones,
Hope you wake to a day of openness to the Lord and seeing ways change may be needed. A question for you today, “Has the Lord been trying to get your attention on something in your life that you have been blind to but now needs to be delt with?”
Later today we are invited to friends for a time of fellowship.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  How many times do we mistakenly think that we are responsible for our spiritual growth and we often try by our will power to change in areas that we see the need.   We may read lots of books of how to grow spiritually and try to follow steps that are often simply self-help, leaving us still in charge. But it doesn’t work that way when we take control, and we will end in frustration. The secret is that our spiritual formation is a work of the Spirit, and we need to get out of the way so the Spirit can do His work in us. Jesus says we must become like children and as we do that, we hear the stories in scripture and let the Spirit work on us.
  I was recently reading the World Mission Prayer League’s newsletter and the Director writes about his experience when an Executive Coach came to assess how he was doing his job. He writes he was partially looking forward to hearing how well he was doing but also areas he needed to improve. We all have blind spots where we are not seeing ourselves realistically. He saw things that needed to be corrected, like judgmental attitudes and making assumptions etc. We all need to be open to our blind areas if we want to grow in the Lord and get along well with others in community. As we see these areas that limit our freedom, we can humbly ask The Lord to work the changes in us.
  It’s important that we don’t reject the work of the Holy Spirit but let Him have free reign. Can we be brave enough to pray as Mary spoke to the angel after receiving the news about bearing the Son of God, “Let it be done unto me according to your word.” Often the Holy Spirit’s work is underground, and we may not be aware of what He is doing at the time and how He is changing us. But God is in the details and will bring the needed change in us if we are open. He will also help us to love others where they are at, and we will open our hearts to them without judgment. Let us cooperate with the Spirit and not reject what He will do in us.
  Challenge for today: Quit trying so hard to grow and simply drink in the Word and let the Holy Spirit do a work in you.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy