Dear Ones,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Everything got a good soaking rain and wiped out any traces of snow. This morning, I plan to make Oh Henry bars and go to my exercise class etc.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  Have you experienced a time of renewal in your life when you were filled with the joy of the Lord that seemed to just overflow and sensed His love in a deep way? I am reading in II Chronicles lately and I felt joyful just reading about what happened to the people when Hezekiah became king of Israel after they had endured years of cruel King Ahaz who had even shut up the house of the Lord. In chapter 29 King Hezekiah comes on the scene and everything changed for he opened the doors of the temple, had it cleansed and repaired and resumed the sacrifices. He offered bulls and rams and lambs and goats for the priests to sacrifice and called the people to come and celebrate the Passover. The Levites had cymbals, harps, and lyres and the singers sang praises and trumpets sounded as people bowed down in worship. What a glorious praise service! People’s hearts were touched and they brought offerings with glad and willing hearts. They didn’t want it to end and the Passover was resumed for another week as they feasted and made confessions and gave thanks to the Lord for another 7 days. While on their way to their homes again they must have had so much to share about their renewing time of worship of the Lord.
  Do we expose ourselves to times of going apart and seeking the Lord? We may have all read of the revival that took place at Asbury College as the Holy Spirit was poured out on those present in chapel and went on for days and days. Even when the revival services were later shut down and school life resumed, revival broke out at Baylor University and Louisiana State University, Texas A&M University etc.  Revival is a sovereign move of God and brings repentance and change to hearts and a passion for the Lord. Jesus is front-center and believers have a hunger for the Word and a passion to see others won to the kingdom. Joy is found in meeting together in worship and praise and it is evident God is moving by His Spirit.
  Let us pray for revival for our country as it is in a mess and needs God; even the church needs renewing and lives that aren’t compromised to the world.
  Challenge for today: Pray for revival in America and that your own heart would be renewed.
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy