Devotions based on Scot McKnight’s book, One.Life

“The wise learn to live now but to do so in the light of eternity.”

Jesus believed  there was life after death and that after we die we will meet our Maker and have to give account. Those who reject God will not inherit the kingdom of God and will experience a final endless death after physical death. Those who accept Him will experience the “new heaves and the new earth.”  This New Jerusalem is love, and it is peace, and it is wisdom, and it involves everyone loving God. This kingdom is “the people of God, living with God and living with one another in perfect shalom and love and justice.”  Everyone will be in direct contact with God . Our author defines heaven as a ” person’s awareness and overwhelming delight in being absolutely present in the utter presence of God.”.

God will make all things right. Even though we may experience horrific tragedies, one day justice will be established. God is the judge and we’re not. God’s justice will be soaked in God’s own grace. We’ve only got one life and may we live it now in light of the longer stretch of life.