Devotions from Mother Teresa/No Greater Love

“Don’t pass by the cross; it is a place of grace.”  All of us have to carry our own cross, all of us have to accompany Jesus in His ascent to Calvary if we want to reach the summit with Him.  This means we have to empty ourselves of self.

Love, in order to survive, must be nourished by sacrifices, especially the sacrifice of self.  Renouncing self means to offer our free will, our reason, our life, in an attitude of faith.  We shouldn’t allow anything to interfere with our love for Him. He is our joy and our strength. Temptations and trials will come, but nothing can separate us from His love.  All He wants of us is to give ourselves to Him in all our poverty and nothingness. We can  lean on Him in complete trust even when all goes wrong and we feel like we have lost our way.  He can us use to accomplish great things on the condition that we believe much more in His love than our weakness.  We can have absolute confidence in Him because He is Jesus.  His hand is in all our happenings and He desires our undivided love.