Dear Ones,
Hope you had a good weekend. Thank you for prayers as we had a safe trip back from KS and a wonderful time there. This is a full week and then next Monday we plan to leave for N.C. to see Mark’s family. I just made egg dishes and shortly we will leave for the Doctor appointments as we have our annual physicals this morning. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   On our trip to our son Kurt’s, I read the book by Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaugen, “Jesus Revolution”.  Al and I saw the movie first at our nearby theater and it was especially meaningful as we lived during the time of revival back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We had a front sat to observing the hippies, the drug culture etc. and later experienced revival among the youth in the church Al was the youth pastor. Al was not a likely candidate to lead the youth in affluent Edina, MN. as he was from the north woods of Michigan with no prior youth experience. But when God moves, He often uses the most unlikely people to demonstrate His power and mercy. The youth met at our parsonage and mushroomed from a half dozen kids to over 100 in our lower level twice a week.   
  A few key signs were mentioned in Jesus Revolution book and maybe we are all hopefully looking for those signs on the horizon today as more than ever we need a Revolution. To start with God uses unlikely people and sometimes they are as surprised as others that God would use them in such a way. Their hearts burn within to share Him with others and His Word pierces hearts and brings conviction of sin. Lives are radically changed as there is renunciation of sin an outpouring of love and care for others. Joy seems to just overflow and people join together to worship, confess sins, pray together and share His love.
   Today we need such a revolution and it is happening at Asbury in Kentucky and other campuses. We must have an openness to the Holy Spirit, for if we think we are already good, we will lose our ability to receive His love and power. But when we know our need and want more of Him, He will pour out His Spirit in ways that surprise us. As the song goes, “Come, Holy Spirit, I need you/ Come, sweet Spirit, I pray/ Come in your strength and your power/ Come in your own gentle way.”
   Let us open ourselves daily to the Holy Spirit to revive our hearts and to bring healing and love, power and joy.
Challenge for today: Pray the words of the song and be open to let the Holy Spirit fill you anew.
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy