Dear Ones,
I am sending this out for tomorrow’s devotion since we will be leaving very early in the morning for Kansas. We want to get to our granddaughter’s soccer game and a week after she graduates she will be leaving for Kansas State to play soccer. Appreciate prayers for our travels and good weather.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  If someone asked you what you liked about your church, what would your answer be? Would you relate the popularity of the pastor, or the exciting worship with many instruments, or that children’s church is at the same hour etc? Or would you say that it is a place that you hear truth and sense the presence of the Spirit moving and have opportunity to serve and fellowship with others?
  There are ways that many churches have become like our culture today, trying to sell a consumer product rather than what really matters. It shows up that if worship isn’t just the way we like it with singing the newest songs, or the pastor doesn’t give super motivating sermons, we are off to another church and then maybe another and never find a place to get planted.
   Matthew Dickerson writes that church is not a consumer product that is to satisfy us and make us feel good. He shares how even Jesus had those followers who said His teaching was hard and difficult and they turned back from following Him. (John 6:60). Jesus didn’t change his message to be popular with the people but spoke truth. Jesus asked Peter if he was also going to go away as the many others but he responded in verse 68, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words (the message) of eternal life.” Jesus words are not always easy, and does not go along with our culture but they are spirit and life. It really doesn’t matter much about the trappings of the service, for it has to do with the openness of our hearts. Do we want to hear truth, grow in our faith, and worship the Lord in spirit? Instead of wondering if the service will be to our liking, let us ask what we can give to the Lord in worship and how we might serve others.
  Challenge for today: Go to church with an open heart to worship the King and learn more what it is to be His servant. 
Blessings on your day tomorrow and prayers and love, Judy