Dear Ones,
Hope you had a good weekend. Everything out my window is snowladen again! It snowed most of the day yesterday and we are hoping for warm sunshine to see the grass soon again. This morning I am going to Aldi’s and to my exercise class and later to do a little packing.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  In a few days we are going on a journey to Kansas to see our younger son’s family and next month we are going to North Carolina to see our eldest son’s family. The trips are long, especially to N.C., but we like road trips as we anticipate our time together with family. Likewise, We are all on a spiritual journey through life, and there are many choices we make along the way. Often there are delays and obstacles but we have to keep our eye on our destination. Since this is the most important journey we will ever make, hopefully we make the Lord our top priority and don’t come to the end of our journey with regrets. 
  When I was reading Michael Mangis’ book, Signature Sins, he shared an exercise he does to help him keep focused on the destination. He tries to picture himself as an old man near the end of his life. He asks himself what will be important to him then, and what will he regret? What will he be known for? We might ask ourselves the same questions for if we want to be remembered for our love or our faith in the Lord etc., some things will need to be let go of now. There might be new actions we can to put into practice if we want to deepen our relationship with the Lord and not get attached to the things of this world. We may need to be open to the new things He has for us and welcome changes in our usual routines. Our concern might also be for those we leave behind that we would make the Lord known to them. Our desire may be heightened to worship more, confess our sins quickly, and obey Him out of love, not duty.
  As I thought more about Mangis’ questions, I know there are things I need to change and other things I need to put into practice. Each of us will have a different list but it is important to let the Holy Spirit guide us and bring us into a deeper relationship with the Lord and keep our eternal destination before us. Jesus said in John 10:10, that He came to give us life abundantly that begins now and lasts for all eternity.
Challenge for today: Describe the person you hope to be someday and the person you are now.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you become that person. 
Blessings on  your week and prayers and love, Judy