Dear Ones,
Hope you have a blessed Good Friday. We have a choir cantata tonight and are looking forward to that. Many new members to our church have come with beautiful voices and we have a great choir! 
More snow came last night and now the ground is white again. Hoping for a green Easter though! This morning I made raspberry g.f. muffins, cauliflower potatoes, and a very chocolatey cake!… Most going to Ann’s for Easter.  We look forward to going to the lake and hear that the ice is still on. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
I have been pondering the words of Jesus on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24) Jesus asks His Father to forgive the very ones that were responsible for crucifying him, and what does that say for us? Do we have an out on forgiveness? No!
Sometimes we can feel justified for wanting to get even with someone and withholding forgiveness, but with Jesus’ example we are left without an excuse. It makes no difference if they purposely betrayed us or if they unknowingly hurt us, as we still must forgive, even as we have been forgiven.
At our Bible study group some shared how they had been broadsided and hurt by others and the struggle they had to forgive. We have all been wounded by others but must remember we have also caused pain to others.
Forgiveness doesn’t mean we make excuses for others’ wrong actions or that we try to simply repress what they did. It doesn’t mean that we will just forget it but rather that we give up our right to resentment and anger and let go of our bitterness. If we choose not to forgive our wound will only get bigger and we will feel cold and imprisoned. Not forgiving is very costly!
Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily occur all at once, but is a process. We may initially forgive, but then when the memory comes up again and again, we may have to forgive many times.
  Forgiveness is a process and begins with a consent to forgive, and then then we will to forgive, but finally we come to know forgiveness from the heart. We find that we can actually pray a blessing on the person and give up the right to get even and just let our bitterness melt away.
We can’t do this on our own and sometimes we just have to start at the very beginning and ask the Lord to touch our heart to want to be willing.
But on this Good Friday when we think that Jesus forgave the ones who spit at him, scourged him, mocked him and crucified him, will He not give us the grace to forgive those who have wounded us?
Challenge for today: Sit in quietness and thank the Lord for all that He has forgiven you and open your heart to forgive all others.
Blessings as you remember the significance of this Good Friday and prayers and love, Judy