Devotions from Judy’s heart

You may have heard of an oldie song, “Why worry when you can pray. Trust Jesus He will show you the way.”  I learned that as a child but it is not always easy to refrain from worries. It can be over big things or just small things….like I heard a few faint noises in our bedroom the other night and wondered if it could be a little mousey creature or just the furnace! And then there are big things like worrying about my cousin Mary’ and her mom’s recovery etc. There are many things to worry about but as we walk closely with the Lord the worrisome thoughts won’t have room to grow in our minds. He has given us many promises of how He is with us and how we can share all our concerns, leaving them in His hand. We need to keep from viewing our problems from our small perspective and look instead from His vantage point.  As we look at our problems through His lens of love, we will realize they are a gift to teach us deep things and make us a better person. May we have grace to let go of our worries and rest in His peace.