We now know that it will be Donald against Hillary in a battle of the distorted masculine and feminine in the Presidential race. I am wading into the “muddy waters” of the presidential race, to offer the following observation.  The gender wars that will occur will be intense and down right disgraceful.  For the wild men of this blog, I want to purpose that the next six months can be a blessing rather than curse.  Why?  It will bring into sharp contrast the images of a broken masculine and feminine and the hope offered in a biblical view of a secure  masculine  that also embraces a healthy feminine.  Both candidates will display a deeply distorted  masculine or feminine, while attacking the other out of their brokenness.

Leanne Payne, (I have mentioned her often) both in her seminars and books has been instrumental in the healing of my masculine soul.  She made this prophetic statement in her book, “Crisis in Masculinity.”  “A crisis in masculinity is always a crisis in truth.  It is a crisis in powerlessness of the feminine virtues: the good, the beautiful, and the just, in a culture or in an individual.  A culture will never become decadent in the face of a healthy, balanced masculinity.  When a nation or an entire Western culture backslides, it is the masculine which is the first to decline.”  My suggestion –  remember this quote.

Mona Charen in her column said it well.  “The greatest failures of the past genearation concern men, women, and sex – and there could not be two more awful representatives of what has gone wrong than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”  Men, get ready for a distorted national conversation about  sex and gender. Without a biblical perspective the discussion is void of the truth.  Clinton will use accusations of sexism for her advantage  as the champion of radical feminism.  “The masculinity of Trump,” states David French, “is exactly the caricatured, counterfeit masculinity of the feminist fever dream.  It takes the full energy of manhood and devotes it to sex, money and power.  It’s posturing masquerading as toughness and anger drained of bravery.”

So how shall we as men respond in the coming days.  First and foremost, celebrate your God given gender identity as a man.  Receive these words from your heavenly Father, “You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life” (Mark 1:11 – Message). Your unique masculine soul is a gift from God. Don’t be a confused, angry man; rejoice in your maleness.

Secondly, don’t throw Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton “under the bus.”  They are only  products of our confused culture. It will take much grace and long suffering to see beyond what will be portrayed on TV, the internet, and social media so as to be able to embrace and  live out a healthy countercultural expression of the masculine.

Thirdly, be very intention about your witness to angry, confused men.  “The angry man needs to grow up, to put away childish things, and to see that every moment that Trump commands the national stage is another contribution to feminism’s ultimate triumph “(French).

Fourthly, weep for our nation.  I mean this literally.  “The family, the cradle of new life and the font of civil society, is in jeopardy in unprecedented ways, as our society increasingly disregards basic facts of human existence.” (George Weigel). Men need to be protector not predator.

Fifthly, use the gender war  as an opportunity to show men of all ages a better way.  Men are being told to shun their masculinity and live a “de-gendered life.”  Many….men are left confused, aimless, and of the angry.  They simply can’t and won’t conform to a genderless society” (French).