Devotions from Fil Anderson’s book Breaking the Rules

Religion is the self-absorbed search for a way to be in control of our own well-being, says Larry Crabb.  It uses rules to keep us in line and rituals to remind us of our failure to live up to the rules. Shame and guilt compel us to strive to improve our performance and keep up our appearances. But it leaves us lonely and isolated and robs us of our contentment and joy.
But we were really designed to live in intimate union with God. Our part is to open up to Him, to be done with legalism and to enter a deep relationship with Him. It’s not about image and how we look to other people.  God hates when we put on a religious show and turn around and ignore the things that matter most to Him.  We cannot love Him apart from surrendering to His will. “Abandonment to God’s love is the way we find the home for which our souls most deeply yearn and the power to touch the lives of others in a healing way.”

The most remarkable thing is to see the transformation that occurs when His love touches a willing heart! When we walk with Jesus and observe how He does things, no rules are necessary. Let us pray, worship, ponder Scripture, and offer service to others until they become so natural to us that we no longer need rules.