Devotions from Fil Anderson’s book, Breaking the Rules

When we are at home in God’s love and know that He delights in us, are we not more joyful, grateful and free?  Our concept of God is constantly giving our life its purpose, definition and meaning. When our thinking about God is correct, consistent and focused, we have the basis for thinking correctly about everything. But when our thinking of God is incorrect, inconsistent or disjointed, we’re thinking incorrectly about everything else in our life.  Some of us may in fact, have to rework our own self-image if we accept ourselves as being loved unconditionally by God.  “The thing Jesus wants from us, more than any other thing, is our daily, unedited and unbridled response to God’s unconditional love.”  He desires that we give him every conflict, every disappointment, and every hurt.  He wants our attention and for us to be mindful of Him during the unfolding moments of each day. How important it is to be alert and responsive to what He is saying to us!  Let us not hurry through the day without making space for Him. As we do this we become more present, open, and free. Making room for God and belonging to His family requires becoming completely ourselves, setting aside our roles and achievement. As we become small and childlike, we can embrace the truth that we stand before God empty- handed.  All is grace!