Devotions from Judy’s heart

When Kurt came with his kids on Friday, they were so keyed up to see the new boat that they went from their vehicle directly down to the lake… after hugging us of course. They delayed supper and unpacking to get right to the water and spent the next couple hours tubing and riding around the lake. They were focused and excited and everything else was on hold. We could hear their squeals of laughter as they rode the big waves Kurt created for them with the boat. I had a sneaking suspicion that they would want to be boating before eating, so I held off on supper until they had fun on the lake. Now if I insisted on eating first and having them unpack, they would have been disappointed for their enthusiasm was very high for being on the Lake. I wonder sometimes with new Christians if we try to direct them as to what they should do and know, and give lots of rules. Maybe even steer them away from what the Lord is teaching them at the time, in order to get this teaching or that teaching that we think is more important. God has each of us on a journey that is exciting and individual. We need to respect and reinforce His ways in each other’s lives and not put on them our ways. We might even find ourselves rejoicing and renewed as we hear their laughter and joy in the excitement of the new!