Devotions from Judy’s heart

Today we had Matt over for dinner and he has just received this huge gift from his dad…a big CAT with a 15 foot blade that he plans to use to make trails in the woods.  Now this CAT was in Canada and had to be delivered to them in MN and was received with much joy. It made me think of God’s great gift to us when he sent His son, all the way from glory to earth and to clear the way for our salvation. But we need to receive this gift, just as Matt did when it was delivered.  He was thrilled and began at once to look it over and to get it started.  It is just the beginning for it will be used to clear out the old logs and also trees that are blocking the path that he is to go on.  We also need to receive the gift of God’s grace for salvation, and it is just the beginning of His work in our lives. He wants to clean out the things that hinder our walk with Him and gives us a new path on which to walk. Now this is only one of the wonderful gifts He gives us and other gifts are smaller but often surprise us. Every day we are gifted by the Lord and may we give thanks and receive with open arms what He has for us..