Devotions from Brennan Manning’s book, The Rabbi’s Heartbeat

God wants us to stop hiding and openly come to Him.  Why do we hide what we feel ourselves to be ( which we assume is unacceptable) and put on the appearance of what we are not?  God loves who we really are—whether we like it or not, and calls us to come out of hiding into a safe place. No amount of spiritual posturing makes us more presentable to Him. To feel safe is to stop living in our heads and sink down into our hearts and to feel accepted. It is feeling relaxed without need to impress and with out self-consciousness. All we do is to surrender our poverty and acknowledge our nothingness before Him.  Whether we understand it or not He loves us, He is present to us, He lives in us, He calls us, He saves us, He offers us compassion and love. Let us experience that we are the one He loves!