Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

 “Life is not about my happiness but about the joy of recognizing that we all emerge from one source-and that source is God who loves us.” 

Contentment is rooted in remembering.  But often we have twisted memories when it comes to wrongs others have done to us or wrongs we have done to others.  We need to remember our mistakes, to note our sins, and to repent or we live in shallowness and discontent.   “Contentment born of humility recognizes that we belong to God and to each other, allowing us to confront our sins, to learn from our mistakes and to remember who we are.”  God is faithful and gives our hearts the opportunity to turn back to His loving embrace.  Let us remember what He has done so that we know we are forgiven and that we belong to Him and not ourselves.  Let us remember  God who remembers us!