Devotions from Lisa McMinn’s book, The Contented Soul

Some profound moments of contentment come as we recognize that we are part of and belong to something bigger than ourselves.  On the other hand we find ourselves living in discontent when we live in isolation, as though we belong to no one or nothing. When we are more concerned about our own personal agenda and rights it diminishes our sense of community and  duty to look out for the well being of others. We can get overly focused on ourselves and become unhappy and lonely people.  Of course, to belong to something bigger than ourselves, we must give up some measure of control over our circumstances.  It often means we must decide not to choose something that we think may harm others or creation.  As we stop thinking of our community and the earth as existing for our personal convenience and well-being, we begin to see how we are part of a greater whole. As we live in harmony with others and with our world we come to peace and a sense of belonging. We can bless and serve others by volunteering at a soup kitchen or a youth ministry, Food shelf etc. And as we show care for others and creation, our own souls grow and stretch. “In serving we receive blessings because we are made for relationship, for community, and to do good.” Let us find contentment as we love Him and serve and bless others.