Devotions from Gary Moon’s book Apprenticeship with Jesus

Jesus chose to invest his life in “lowbows” and “discards in the eyes of the world. Think of unlearned fisherman Peter, or the despised tax collector, Matthew etc.
Have you ever thought that you are not good enough and that He might pick someone else but not you?! 

 We cannot earn His love and acceptance but be open to receive His love and a willingness to be His apprentice.
Becoming His apprentice requires more than being with Jesus. It requires us to allow Him to live His life through us.  And that requires a personal cross, a place where all pretence of self-sufficiency must die.

The author suggests spending some time writing down every reason you can think of for being unworthy to be in His apprenticeship program. Just be honest. Then ask Him if he’s sure you are fit for the program. Listen carefully to His response.  I think I know what it will be!!