Devotions from Judy’s heart

Recently I read Max Lacado’s new book, Grace, and it is a good to remember how much we need to trust God’s grace. We mess up every day and so every day we are in need of His unlimited grace. Satan loves to accuse not only of what we may have done today but brings up things from our past. But like Max says, “Jesus trumps the devil’s guilt with words of grace”! Yes!  There are times I may be working around the house and a memory comes to my mind of something I flubbed and wished I would never have said or done. Instead of letting those thoughts bring me down, I can choose to ask forgiveness and receive God’s grace. As Max said, “Grace isn’t blind. It sees the heart but chooses to see Gods’ forgiveness more.”  But if our hands are full we can’t receive His gift. I will share one more quote today, and  you may get more tomorrow fro Max.  “He has enough grace to pardon every sin, solve every dilemma, wipe every tear, and answer every question. It’s more than we deserve and greater than we imagine.” Let us walk in grace!