Devotions from Gary Moon’s book Apprenticeship with Jesus

We were made for Him!

To become more like Him it takes vision, intention and means. ( VIM)

  1. Vision is “ the ability to see ourselves radically transformed and authentically living life a whole new way in God’s Kingdom on earth—head-over-heels in love with both the Creator and his creation.”  God offers us more than just a “get out of hell free card,” he wants us with Him and like Him.
  2. Intention is to live in the kingdom of God by willing to obey the example and teaching of Jesus.  We must intend to pick up our cross and follow Christ with resolve and continue no matter what obstacles may block our path.  In other words to will to have no other will than the will of God.
  3. Means is the path to change.  The means for transformation include openness to the presence and power of Christ, study of his life and teachings, inspiration from seekers and saints, and practice of the spiritual disciplines.

Are we determined to become like Him and to be open and receptive for this purpose in our lives?
May it be our intention to learn from Him and live each moment of our day by his side as His apprentice.

Then we can wake up each morning with the primary purpose of being with Him while learning to be like Him.