Devotions from Judy’s heart

While on our last trip we saw a gorgeous home set up against the mountains. In front of it was an old weather beaten building that was about to fall down. I wondered why they didn’t just demolish it as it blocked the view of the new house. Did this old building become an attachment for the owners of the new house? Were they unable to let go of it?  It spoiled the beauty of their present house and limited their vision. Do we hang on to things in our own lives so that they become idols that we don’t want to let go of? Is our vision for Him and His kingdom limited?  How important it is to let go of anything that hinders us in relation to the Lord. In I Thess. 1:9 Paul is commending the people for their faith and turning from their idols to serve the Lord. We need to let go of anything that hinders us from our relationship with Him…what we gain far exceeds hanging on to those idols!!