Devotions from Judy’s heart
You probably know the expression, “Things could be worse” and may have read the children’s book about a grandpa who always said that to his grandkids. Well in our everyday life, things could get worse but they also could get better. I thought of how my computer crashed but realized thingscould be worse as my neighbor just told me her router crashed and she can’t do anything until her new one comes. But also a couple nights ago things got better when we went to church. I had cleaned, decorated our house for Christmas, paid bills, walked etc but got an e-mail that help was needed for decorating the church for Christmas. I really didn’t feel like working more but wanted to do our part so we went. Much to our surprise, the choir people and lefse making people finished early and had the decorating all done. So we all sat down to a supper together and went into the softly lit sanctuary to go through the Holden Evening service. Wow! It was just what we needed as we could rest in His presence with His people and experience peace.   One thing we know that no matter if things get better or worse our days, our times, our situations, are in His powerful hands.He will empower us to handle every thing that comes our way. Yes!