Devotions based on Jill Briscoe’s article, Trusting God Through Trouble

There is a difference between resignation and acceptance of difficult situations. Elisabeth Elliot, whose husband died at the hands of the Auca Indians, could have gone home with her daughter . Instead she asked the Lord in what redemptive way could He use this terrible tragedy .  Trusting God in difficulties is really saying all is not lost and there is something redemptive in the most awful situations. “This trust is a tenacious, spiritual insistence that God can be trusted not only to be totally and thoroughly aware of our dilemmas but also to be in control and already taking eternal measures to work out His ultimate purposes.” 
Suffering is like a magnifying glass. When we look at God through the glass panel of pain, He appears bigger than you have noticed before. If we look at ourselves through the other side of the glass, we appear smaller and more inadequate. That directs us to Him and He wants us to cast our cares in His direction. He knows what He is doing, whatever happens to us. I think we will find that in times of trouble God teaches us new things about Himself and new things about ourselves. Let us trust Him in all things!!