Devotions from James Smith book, Embracing the Love of God

Each of us is uniquely and individually loved. We are known! We are chosen! As we experience this love in the depths of our soul it is healing and radically transforming.

As we receive God’s love and acceptance of us, we can then accept ourselves and others; we can welcome God’s forgiveness so we can forgive ourselves and others; we can embrace God’s care for us so we can care for ourselves and others. When Karl Barth, the great theologian, was asked the most profound thought he had ever had, his reply was, “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.”
When we really know God loves us, everything is changed. We aren’t a little speck in the cosmos but an eternal creature of infinite worth.

God looks at us and smiles. We are accepted as we are and valued and cared for by God.  When that love is known it affects how we view ourselves and ultimately how we view one another.
Loving isn’t so difficult. Knowing we are loved is. Learning to live in that confidence of His love is a process. He promises to never leave us and to love us no matter what. May we just bask in His love this day.