Devotions from Gary Thomas’ book Pure Pleasure

Francois Fenelon said, “When we have found God, there is nothing more to look for in men.” In each of our lives we will encounter difficult and trying circumstances and people. If someone hasn’t betrayed you, you’re unusual! Our spiritual enemy wants us to use our disappointments to  become self-focused and  self-centered.  But we can draw spiritual energy and life from obeying God and allowing Him to use what ever circumstances we are in for His glory. His kingdom can spread even in desperate situations.  If we feel sorry for ourselves, it won’t solve anything and just uses up energy we could be using to address the problem.  When we stop focusing on what we lost and become grateful for  what we do have, we move towards true joy and pleasure. When certain pleasures are closed to us, we have to trust Him to provide alternate pleasures of maybe a different sort. “Feelings of entitlement feed anger; feelings of thankfulness swell our souls and make us tear up with overflowing gratitude. Thanking God helps us recognize what pleasure we do have while at the same time increasing our pleasure.”
The author advocates rediscovering laughter and how good it is for our souls. 
We must remember that the most intense pleasures of the world won’t last but we have eternal pleasures waiting for us to which this world can never match!