Devotions from Judy’s heart,

One thing I noticed when I was sick, was how well my hubby could read me. He could tell by my eyes when I was feverish and by my color if I was feeling better or worse. He can read me well!   It caused me to think of how the Lord knows us inside and out. He doesn’t miss a thing. He knows when we are struggling, when we are angry or afraid, when are lonely or full of self pity. He knows us down to the hairs of our head! The fact that Someone knows us that well and loves us perfectly is good reason for us to TRUST Him with our lives.  No matter how much we are loved by our spouse or another, He loves us more than anyone else ever possibly could. Our part is to surrender to that love and let Him be in control of our lives. Why is that so hard?  It means giving up our own controls and letting Him call the shots. But what a safe and peaceful place that is when He is doing the guiding and directing. He knows best, and we can enjoy being blown by the wind of the Spirit, wherever He wills. Let us give the controls to Him who loved us so much to even die for us.