Devotions from Judy’s heart
Today I am missing out as the Ladies of the Lake go to Dancing Fire for brunch. I would like to be with them but don’t dare because of the side affects of my last day of antibiotics. I missed Renewal Group yesterday and another group on Monday….all groups I wanted to be at. The fact that I couldn’t go makes those groups even more inviting, and I soon hope to return to them. It is so easy to take things for granted because they are familiar and routine, until they are taken from us.  Think of our weekly worship services. Do we just go through the liturgy and prayers without letting them touch our hearts?  Do we see those in the Body of Christ as our beloved brothers and sisters or do we take them for granted? Perhaps even more close to home, do we really appreciate the loved ones God has placed beside us in our families or do we just exist side by side? God can use all things in our lives to awaken us and I think he is using this time when I have pneumonia to show me in a greater way how He is so present and not to miss Him in the familiar. I know I look forward to being in church again, to being with friends again, but most of all I don’t want to miss Him in this  present moment. Let us not go along in our familiar routines without our eyes open to see Him.  May we be like the two blind men who cried out to Jesus, “Lord, let our eyes be opened.” ( Matt. 20:34)