Devotions based on Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr’s book, The Circle of Life

We all go through struggles and when we do it is good to ask ourselves what lies beneath them that would help me grow and for which I can give thanks.

If we look at the illness we might have, we see only physical diminishment. But if we look underneath we may see it as a teacher bringing us vital wisdom

If we look at a broken relationship on the surface it seem harsh but underneath we may see the seeds of new growth.

If we look at lost dreams we may see only disappointment and doubt, but underneath we may see the stuff that new dreams contain.

If we look at the death of a loved one, we see only sorrow. But underneath we may see that love lives on forever in the heart.

If we look at ourselves we might see tarnished unfinishedness but underneath we may see His goodness shining there.

Let us all look beneath the externals of our lives for His love, peace and strength that lie in the deep waters of our souls.