Devotions from Judy’s heart,

When I came home from the hospital yesterday I almost fainted when I stepped on the scale…I had gained #13 in 3 days and eaten like a bird since I had no appetite. I was so shocked! When did this unsuspecting thing happen? I was fed continual IV’s for the first 40 hours or so and it was pushing my personal weight scale up at the same time. I haven’t gained that much since I got married and now it happened in 40 hours!  When my primary Dr. saw me initially, he quit the IV’s except for my final IV antibiotic but the “damage” had already been done. I read on Yahoo that it is not uncommon and that it may take a couple weeks or more to get the fluid off. One gal even sued her hospital as she gained #20. What lies before me is a challenge and one I didn’t ask for really. It just happened. And isn’t that the way it is in life. Why do some breeze through life with so few hard challenges and others seem to have severe ones?  Does it mean God loves them less and some more? No! I needed the IV fluids and now I have a challenge ahead. What may happen to any of us may even be the result of someone else’s error. But we have to deal with what comes to us and know that God is in charge and lovingly going to go with us through every trial, every hard thing we have to face and give us His grace. We may not always see any good out of it at first, but just watch for it. As I looked back  on getting sick, if we had not come back from our trip early we may have been in that terrible weather that hit the south. So let us praise Him at all times for GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!