Devotions from Judy’s heart

On Friday I made a call to Linnea as I had wanted to bring over a meal after her surgery but got their answering machine. I thought she hadn’t come home from the hospital yet, so later in the day I walked over to her house to water her plants. And much to my surprise, there she was outside watering. She was not only home but had invited me over for coffee, but I had not gotten her message. Later I heard it on our answering machine, and had never checked it. It doesn’t have a beep like the old one, so we often miss a message at the time. But as it ended up she and I connected and had a time to catch up as we sat outside in the sun. I wonder how many messages we miss that God sends but we don’t check with Him as we are so busy.  Maybe we don’t want to hear what He has to tell us for we want to do our own thing. Sometimes we may just forget. But whatever the reason, we may be missing out on great things He has in store for us. I just happened to show up at the time Linnea had suggested, but if I had come sooner, I would have awakened her from a much needed nap.  It pays to “listen” to Him so we are in the right place at the right time.  As it says in Prov. 16 it says that “the Lord has made everything for its purpose,” and  we may have plans but the answer is from Him.