Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Soulful Spirituality

“Surrender is the dispensable gateway to life, genuine freedom, and deep humanity.”  It does not come easy as for men it usually feels like defeat and failure. For women it implies powerlessness that could leave them vulnerable to mistreatment. We usually react to unwelcome events over which we have no control and resent their disruption to our lives. But these times can be full of promise and help us to grow.  By nature we want to control and we are addicted to the illusion of control. But at the deep level of our spirit we know we are meant to live in alignment with the transcendent.  We long to put our trust in someone greater than ourselves. We must all surrender to something or someone. As we surrender to the Lord our spirit soars and our soul sends down roots into a grounded life. A life of surrender leads to willingness, openness, flexibility, and freedom. Surrender is an inner acceptance of what is. Resignation differs in that it is an outer posture of giving up rather than accepting. If we live a life of resistance, we become hardened, resentful and more willful. But if we welcome what comes to us in life, we will often notice that the greatest blessings are hidden in the midst of what may be painful. Sometimes we can’t label what is good or bad in our experiences until a long time after. Let us yield and then notice the new dimensions that open up in our lives.