Devotions based on article in Conversations by Ruth Barton

As we care for our bodies it is like a spiritual practice that strengthens us in our spiritual journey as well. We are embodied human beings and our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Our body is sacred and it is the place God’s Spirit has chosen to dwell.  We are told to glorify God in our bodies and how do we honor our bodies and glorify Him?  David talks about his body and that it is fearfully and wonderfully made. We need to care for it more intentionally. When we walk around tired, overworked and depressed, we are not listening to what our body has to say to us. It is the first to know if we are stressed, over committed, uneasy etc. We may need to begin by eating better, drinking more water, getting more rest rather than using caffeine to perk us up etc. Even times of our exercising can be moments of significant connection with God. Ruth used her time of running and walking to pray and to engage in the examen. She reflected on her day and noticed the times when the Spirit was at work in her and the times when she had fallen short of love.  Maybe we think of prayer only on the soul level and not including our bodies. But we are to come to Him with all of who we are: our physicality, our emotions, our minds, our imaginations, our intuitions and all of our experiences. Sometimes our words seem inadequate when we pray and we pray with our bodies by lifting up our hands, moving, walking etc. Many of our retreatants mediate when they walk and are rejuvenated just being out in the beauty of creation with Him. Just knowing that God has chosen to make our bodies His dwelling place opens us up to be more aware of His presence so we can respond whole heartedly to Him!