Devotions from Scott McNight’s book, Embracing Grace
The gospel tells  the story of “God who embraces us in spite of who we are and what we have done; it tells us that God’s embrace enables us to embrace God back and to embrace others, and that this double embrace is intended for the good of others in the world.”  The gospel is designed to create this cycle of grace!  How beautiful!

How we live shows how we believe. By our fruit we will be known.

This generation wants an authentic gospel that creates a “come as you are” and drop the pretense type church.  This is exemplified in a safe place where honesty is found but where people can tell their story and are received with love. This generation wants something that speaks to their condition and can set them free from the chaos this world confronts them with. They want something that will draw them closer to God and to others and lead them to a life that is good for the world. In other words they want to both to hear it and see it!