Devotions from Judy’s heart

Yesterday one of our Board members said that he was rejoicing that he found out he had diabetes. Now you may think that is really strange!  But he was happy to know that there was a reason for feeling awful,  his lack of energy, his thirst and many other symptoms.  It was a relief that he knew what was wrong and could do something about it. He is careful of his diet now and eats 6 meals a day, and no more diet cokes or things that are not good for him etc.  As he shared (this is with his permission) I thought of how we were before we came to the Lord. We were feeling bad and we knew something was wrong as we lacked deep peace. But the good news is that we are guilty and can go to the Great Physician for the remedy. He already paid the price for our salvation and wholeness and He wants us to agree with Him that we are sinful and in need of His grace and forgiveness. Then as we receive His diagnosis and treatment he puts us on the road to health and healing for our souls. So it is good news and it is news we need to share with others for He came for All! He came to give life and life abundant.( John 10:10)