Dear Ones,
Hope you are having a peace filled day. This morning I made our favorite bars and some veggie dishes and went to my exercise class. Al has his computer back already and is up and running.  We got just the right Geek as he went right to work on it and had it done in 3 hours. PTL! 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Know the times! We are in a new time in our culture and we have not experienced anything like this before. We need the Holy Spirit to help us discern the times and to know what the Lord is saying to us.  The other morning, I woke up and saw that the bedroom clock showed it was 4 o’clock, the time I usually get up. So, I began having my devotions and after an hour, I went to the kitchen to put Al’s egg dish in the oven etc. Before long Al got up and asked me what I was doing making noise at 4 am in the kitchen! I thought it was 5, but then remembered our bedroom clock had been unplugged for a while the night before and not set right. I couldn’t believe I got up at 3 a.m. and was all ready for the day. I was not aware of the correct time!  More importantly we need to know God’s time, how to interpret the spiritual signs of our time and to have discernment. Jesus told the Pharisees and Sadducees that came to test Him that they knew the physical signs of the weather by the color of the sky, but they didn’t know how to interpret the signs of the times. Apart from the Lord we cannot really know either. In the Old Testament Daniel knew he needed God’s wisdom, and when he prayed, he was given wisdom to know the times that saved not only his life but that of all the wise men. He said in Daniel 2:20-22 (God’s Word), “Praise God’s name from everlasting to everlasting because He is wise and powerful. He changes times and periods of history. He removes kings and establishes them. He gives wisdom to those who are wise and knowledge to those who have insight. He reveals deeply hidden things. He knows what is in the dark, and light lives with Him.”  We need to be awakened and to get discernment as to the times of our day. Only the Holy Spirit can interpret for us what is really going on behind the scenes and how we are to react and respond. May our prayer be as Paul prayed in Phil. 1:9-11, “I pray that your love will keep on growing because of your knowledge and insight. That way you will be able to determine what is best and be pure and blameless until the day of Christ. Jesus Christ will fill your lives with everything that God’s approval produces. Your lives will then bring glory and praise to God.”
Challenge for today: Ask the Lord for discernment to know the times!
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy