Dear Ones
Hope you wake to a sense of wonderful peace. Today I am sharing an e-mail I received from a friend and spent some time answering for myself. Hope you will do the same and if you want, you can share the word or phrase God gave you for 2024. My word is Deeper! My desire is to go deeper with the Lord and be a better listener also in this new year.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  I received an e-mail a couple days ago from a dear friend who described how her pastor started out the New Year with a Guided Prayer Service for their church. When I read it, I thought it’s much like what I reflected on before the New Year, and how wonderful it would have been to be there for the service.
 My friend is still left pondering some of the questions, but this is what she had to say to describe the service: “No worship to start our time. We were encouraged to bring our bibles, journal and pens. The pastor gave us 6 questions! One at a time and the pastor shared a little bit about each question and after each question we were to ask the Lord how he would speak to our hearts and journal. They played quiet worship music during our journaling and quiet time. We were free to take our communion as we felt led. Here are the questions:

1. Jesus what word or phrase is going to define 2024 for me?

2. Jesus what do you want my spiritual life to look like this year?

3.  Jesus how can I better steward my soul this year?

4. Jesus how can I be a better steward of the body you have given me?

5.  Jesus what does relational health look like for me this year?

6.  Jesus how can I be generous with what you have blessed me with this year?

 I would like to challenge each of us to ask ourselves these questions and be quiet before the Lord and listen to how He would speak to us. May we get in touch with our heart’s desire and ways we can draw closer to Him and be changed from the inside out. Lord, open our hearts to receive your love in greater measure and our eyes opened with a willingness to change!

Challenge for today: What question causes you the most concern that a change is needed in your life and ask for God’s help.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy