Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book Spiritual Rhythms

When we say we love the King, we must remember that He rules a kingdom.  Are we concerned about advancing His kingdom or are we more concerned about our own.  Jesus often said the kingdom is at hand and He invites us to join Him by believing, repenting, and putting His kingdom first. That doesn’t mean we become busier or build bigger churches, but that we bear fruit for His kingdom where He wills for us. It may not be so visible because His kingdom is hidden often and no one knows where it comes from or where it’s going, just like the Spirit. The Kingdom belongs to the least of these and its secrets are revealed to children.  His kingdom can shine through the mundane and show up in a conversation we may be having with a cashier. It can happen with a co-worker who irritates us. It happens where God’s goodness, kindness and peace is chosen over the alternative!  Maybe God has put us beside someone to help him find the King!  Let us not miss the opportunities and put His kingdom first!