Devotions from Judy’s heart
On Sunday Al and I served sweet rolls, caramel rolls, banana bread, and choc chip cookies on a stick for coffee time at church. My what a response! The first man to see the treats helped us carry them in from the parking lot, and there were so many words of thanks….A couple people sampled everything! It made me want to serve again soon! I thought of it in a spiritual sense how it must please the Lord when we get excited over His blessings to us and express thanks in the little and big things He sends our way..  “Lord, this sunset is awesome…I just want to sit here with you and enjoy it!”. Or “Lord your timing is perfect as this e-mail came at the time I needed to hear those words of affirmation!” etc. etc. Our lives should overflow with gratitude as His children.  Ann Voscamp said,” Gratitude is what births trust…”It’s only when you live the prayer of thanksgiving that you live the power of trusting God.”  Let us count our blessings and in the process we will find God can be counted on!!  Yes!