Devotions from Mark McMinn on Finding Our Way Home

Forgiving and remembering often bring unanticipated blessings.

One blessing is gratitude.  A grateful life is one in which God is found everywhere.  We embrace all of life: the good the bad, the joyful and the painful, the holy and not-so-holy. We become aware of God’s life, His presence in the middle of all that happens.  When we recall the bad things that have happened  we can go on to remember the ways we have hurt others and still do. As we remember how we have needed His mercy and grace, we can be so grateful that God is truly with us .
Another blessing that sometimes happens as we forgive others is the joy of reconciliation. We may enter a restored relationship with the one who offended us. It may become even better than before. This is not always possible like in abuse.  Forgiveness is choosing to release feelings of hatred and bitterness, with the possibility to develop feelings of understanding toward the one who offended us.  Forgiveness is always advisable but reconciliation may not always be.

Let us remember that God is always with us even in our darkest nights, in all our suffering, and offers us a safe home in His secure love.  As He was fully God and fully human-He is able to give us hope for He lives beside us, and within us