Devotional from Judy’s heart

Have you ever been given something that was of no use to you? Or have you bought something that didn’t fit your real need?  Last week we were at L&M shopping for some welding gloves for me to handle the ashes from our wood stove. While there the sales person said, “ You should try this Ash Vac  instead as it cleans up all your ashes.”  Wow! Sounds like just what I need in the morning when I take out the hot ashes from the tray below the grate on the wood stove. But after talking to another sales person who actually had one, I found out you couldn’t use this Vacuum until the ashes were stone cold. That is not what I need as we don’t let the fire go out on our stove. Only someone who uses their fireplace occasionally would want this Ash Vac. Spiritually we may think we know exactly what someone else needs but do we really know their heart? Or maybe someone tries to make us feel guilty if we don’t practice their spiritual exercises or whatever works for them. No, our Father is the one that knows just what is right for us at the time and He also knows what is a right fit for others. Let us check with Him for no one knows us like He does. “For you, you only, know the hearts of all the children of mankind.” I Kings 8:39.