I like to take prayer walks and often go a couple miles in one direction before turning around to come back home again. One day as I was walking and about to turn around, it was like a picture of my spiritual journey…   My life is now more  than  half over and  I’m on the homeward stretch.  Even if I live to be a hundred, I am still in that second half and homeward bound. When we set out on the first half, there is adventure and excitement of the new things we might see and we don’t know how far we will venture. But on the second half we know that home awaits us and we are going back to that place of warmth and love. We have tasted adventure and newness but something inside also excites us to be going Home.

I love life and have been blessed with joy on the journey. But as I face the next segment of my life, it is preparation for the real destination that awaits me.  Even though the passing into glory is a mystery, there still is an anticipation that something awesome awaits us. More than we can even comprehend! So why do I Iive so much for this world and not more for His kingdom?   This world’s stuff will pass away but His kingdom is eternal?

May our eyes be on what is real, what is lasting and what our heart longs for…….Real Home!