devotions from Judy’s heart

We have been involved in a Small Group for several years and next time
when we meet I don’t think we will take up  as much of the group’s time.
The past few times we have asked for their discernment and wisdom
concerning our church situation. They were so helpful to us and we are
grateful for their input.  But what if we took the whole time or dwelt
on just our issues every time that would not be good.  Each one in the
Body has needs and we are to be there for one another. Some people are
more quiet about their needs so we mus ask to be sensitive and aware of
them. In fact, as we pray and help others, it seems as if our own
problems get smaller and smaller. Do you think it is because the focus
is off of ourselves and on Him who holds the answers?  He wants to 
guide our footsteps and  like I read today from Ps. 138:8 “The Lord will
fulfill His purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord endures forever.