Devotions from Judy’s heart
Yesterday morning when Al and I woke up the moon was streaming in the windows and it really seemed as if someone had left the light on. We remarked to each other how nice it was that the pastors could enjoy the beauty too, but at breakfast they all said they had missed it. Why? Because they slept later and didn’t come out of their rooms or open their shades to see it. Oh, I wonder how much we miss what the Lord has in store for us as we keep to ourselves with our blinds shut or we don’t rise up early to seek the Lord.  Every day He has new and wonderful things for us, but we will never know how much we miss when we remain behind blinds or closed doors. After telling the pastors about the moon, this morning they did get up to look and were awed by the beauty. May we seek Him early and not after the day is done or just when we are in a tight place and desperate for His help.  Let us greet the dawn of new things He has and let the morning star arise in our hearts. (II Peter 1:19)