Devotions from Judy’s heart

 While in Sanibel we went to a Community church and heard Dr. Daryl Donovan preach, and we all went home with so many things to ponder. He reminded us that we can change! All people CAN change through the power of God. He used Jacob as an example of someone who was always a wrestler and came out of the womb that way. God started a wrestling match with him and He could have smoked him but Jacob only walked away with a limp. (Gen.  32:22-32) .Jacob is transformed and his name is changed from Jacob ( Trickster) to Israel that means ,one who strives with God. I’m sure Jacob’s limp was a reminder of his touch by God. God often sifts us and through our brokenness changes us. As we willingly submit to the Spirit, He brings forth the change.  Bad habits don’t change all at once so we need perseverance.  We’d all rather have instant spiritual maturity but often the best ministry we have is through our scars, because we have come to depend on Him. Let us be willing to let the Lord change us and also patiently wait for the Lord to change others in our lives. If we draw near God, He will draw near to us and we will be changed.