Dear Ones,
Happy Weekend! Hope you are having a good day. Mine didn’t start out the best as I got a scam and I was so thankful I e-mailed our son first to know not to open it. I cleaned and made a pork chop/apple dinner, bars, and a birthday cake with almond flour and chocolate etc.; it literally fell apart! This afternoon I will be making another cake with G.F flour and hope it holds together. Al is happy though as even though it is crumbly, it still tastes good. EmojiTonight Kurt and Bo are stopping by on their way to the Lake to do more work on the Silver Chateau. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Before I went to bed, I did my Bible study for women’s group  tomorrow on love. When I awoke and went online, there I read 10 ways to love. We hear so much of love but it usually is all about feelings which of course, can come and go. Hollywood shows couples madly in love one moment and then falling out of love and on to the next new partner; that kind of love is self-centered, and not real love at all. God is love and He is the source of love; as we come to know His love, we will experience love for one another. Jesus actually commands us to love and says in Matt. 22:37 (ESV), “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” After that He includes, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. We can all be better lovers but it begins with God as our source. Daily we need an inflow of His unconditional love in order to love Him, ourselves and others. Al and I have been married 55 years and we both would say we love each other far more than when we first tied the knot. He tells me many times a day that he loves me and I never grow tired of it. It’s not that we’re so lovable but that we know our need for God’s love and to daily die to our own selves. We don’t do that perfectly either so we practice forgiveness towards one another. We don’t all have to wait until we feel a surge of love before we do acts of love but can do them in response to the Lord’s love for us. Like I read on Facebook there are some practical ways to love that include: “1. Listen without interrupting 2. Speak without accusing 3. Give without sparing 4. Pray without ceasing 5. Answer without arguing 6. Share without pretending 7. Enjoy without complaint 8. Trust without wavering 9. Forgive without punishing 10. Promise without forgetting.” Let us find real love in the Lord and then express that love to others in action; and I think we will find the feelings will come along too, even if it isn’t at first. Love changes everything!
Challenge for today: Express God’s love to someone today in a creative way.
Have a great weekend and blessings, prayers and love, Judy