Devotions from Judy’s heart

Today as I went to clean the glass door of our wood stove, all the soot and grime came off without much effort at all. Other days, I can’t get more than a little tiny clear window as the black soot is stuck on. When the temperature of the stove is just right, it is easy but when it is not, it is almost impossible. As I looked into the clear glass, I thought of how wonderful it is when our hearts are open to God and to others. Others can see us as we really are and we can see outward and upward with clarity. It made me think of how we need to respond to the Spirit as He moves upon us, and not just when we decide the time is right. Our times are in His hands!  Let us not dismiss the move of God upon us but be quick to respond. Let Him clean the window of our souls that we can be transparent and reflect His glory.