Devotions from Judy’s heart
I recently read Emilie Griffin’s book, “Green Leaves for Later Years” and she writes of living freely and bearing fruit into old age. She speaks of each day as a new beginning and there are no time-outs, no free-passes. We just have to begin again and again. The author has rheumatoid arthritis but has chosen to remain as active as possible in her speaking and writing. She was encouraged by remembering people like Renoir who painted with knarled hands at the end of his life as he was determined to express the beauty of creation even with severe pain. Emilie said,”Transcending illness is not just a matter of wanting or wishing but a response to God’s grace.”  We have to choose happiness and count our blessings instead of what we have lost. All we have is the present moment, the now,. And more than that, the knowledge of God’s love and  grace opening us up to His unlimited future.”
Time is precious and let us not let is slip through our hands but live each stage of our life fully.